The Canada to Arizona team took their show on the road attending the 40th Annual Spring Home Show in Regina Saskatchewan from March 17-20th 2016. The Regina Spring Home Show is one of the largest home, renovating, landscaping and lifestyle shows in all of Canada with over 50,000 attendees, hundreds of exhibitors and amazing seminars from celebrity guests and local experts.

The 2016 Home Show was a great success as our team spent the week talking with thousands of Canadians who visit Arizona every year. We answered questions and provided advice on a multitude of topics including real estate, vehicle shipping, advice on where to stay and what to do, where to golf, and much more! Our booth became a popular spot as Canadians always love to talk about Arizona with fellow Canadians.

Our goal at every trade show we attend is to help educate Canadians about Arizona, provide expert advice, and showcase our many trusted business partners in Arizona. The hot topic this year was currency exchange with the weaker Canadian dollar. A weaker than normal dollar has caused many traveling Canadians to plan their visit with a strict budget. Our partnership with Knightsbridge FX provides our clients with preferred rates to help save Canadians hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars, a service many Canadians were unaware of. This is a great savings for all Canadians who plan to visit the US!

Our take away from this year’s event was Canadians are still visiting Arizona despite the weaker dollar, but looking for discounts and special offers to help offset the significant decline. The number one request we received was to provide a discount program for Canadians and this will be one of main focuses for 2016!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth to visit! We look forward to meeting and connecting more Canadians with Arizona at many more events throughout the year in Canada and Arizona!