We are very proud of one of Canada to Arizona’s most important partners helping Canadians with insurance and vehicle importing to Arizona. Heidi Higgins was recently recognized by AARP for her many hours of volunteer work. Heidi helps many of our Canadian clients import their vehicles each year.

Community involvement is an important part of AARP’s Mission

Mesa, AZ; (May 2017) – AARP Services Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of AARP that oversees providers and the products offered to its members, recognizes Heidi Higgins for 50+ volunteer hours through the ACES community service program.

Heidi Higgins has helped thousand of retired and almost retired Canadians make things easier by helping them import their vehicles into the United States. She contacted local US customs agents, Motor Vehicle Divisions and many auto manufacturer’s and made an easy “How to” guide making the process easier.

“We believe in the power of one,” says Lawrence Flanagan, president of AARP Services Inc. “One AARP encouraging members ‘to serve, not to be served,’ which was the motto of AARP’s founder Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus’, and now we applaud the power of one person in their community making a difference.”

“I’m honored to be recognized by AARP Services Inc. for helping out in the community,” said Heidi Higgins. “I look forward to continuing to be an ACES volunteer; it’s such a rewarding experience!”

Part of AARP’s social mission, the ACES program tracks the volunteer service hours of people who are authorized to offer AARP-branded products, and engage and serve the community. Those wishing to make a difference in their own neighborhood can go to CreateTheGood.org to find local volunteer opportunities.

If you need help importing a vehicle to Arizona, please contact Heidi and she will take care of everything for you!

Heidi Higgins

Office: 480-807-7753
Email: heidi1222@msn.com