Record breaking is simply the best way to describe Arizona’s unique relationship with Canada as the state celebrates Canada Week. For the first time ever, 2015 brought more than one million recorded Canadian tourists to explore and enjoy communities across all of Arizona.

“Arizona enjoys a long standing friendship with our Canadian neighbors who bring an incredible economic impact of more than $1 billion each year in tourism dollars,” said Kim Sabow, President and CEO of the Arizona Lodging and Tourism Association. “It’s incredible to consider that an estimated 75 percent of all international travelers going through Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport are Canadians and 80 percent of all international private jet activity at Scottsdale Airport is Canadian. That results in significant economic impact for our state.”

Arizona’s Canadian visitors stay an average of 20 nights in the state per trip with an average spend of $1,300 per visit.

“Canadians and Arizonans share similar character and values which provide a sense of community and welcoming,” said Ken McKenzie, General Manager of the Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch and Chairman of the Arizona Lodging and Tourism Association. “Our state truly becomes a home away from home, and the result is repeat visits which go beyond important economic impact. We truly are thrilled to welcome these friends back again and again.”

Canada’s provinces of Alberta, Ontario and British Columbia represent the vast majority of visitors to Arizona. At the national level, Canadians remain the largest visitor market for the U.S., contributing to over 30 percent of total visits.

Further, Arizona’s proximity to California and Mexico provides a tremendous opportunity to increase business tourism as more Canadian firms consider our state for strategic growth. Arizona’s low tax structure and business friendly regulatory environment make the state an ideal location for Canadian businesses interested in accessing two of the world’s top economies.

Governor Doug Ducey is committed to growing a strong and vibrant economy from trade to tourism; our relation with Canada is creating important jobs supporting Arizona and its families,” Sabow added.

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