U.S. Immigration Services
for Canadians

We provide cross border immigration services and expert advice to Canadians visiting or moving to the United States. We offer full service packages for Canadians visiting, buying property, moving to the USA, investing in the USA or looking for employment in the USA. Learn about all the cross border immigration services available to Canadians by selecting the categories below.

Canadians Moving to the USA

Thousands of Canadian citizens move to the United States each year and there are a number of different visa’s available.

US Work Visa for Canadians

There are several categories of work visas that Canadians are eligible to apply for and work under in the United States.

Getting a U.S. Green Card for Canadians

Acquiring a Green Card or a Permanent Resident Card allows you to live and work permanently in the United States.

US Citizenship from Marriage

If you marry a U.S. citizen, you can become a lawful permanent resident based on your relationship if you meet certain requirements.

US Citizenship through Naturalization

Naturalization is the process by which U.S. citizenship is granted to a foreign citizen after he or she fulfills the requirements.

US Investment Visa for Canadians

We help Canadians setup the proper business immigration Visa’s for those who want to do business in the United States.

Canadians Visiting the USA

Canadians coming to the USA for vacation or to visit family and friends are allowed to stay for up to six months each year.

Canadians Counting Your Days in the US

Canadian visitors must keep track of the amount of days they spend in the United States and we can help you keep track!

Duty and Taxes Crossing the Border

Duty is a tariff payable on goods imported to Canada, learn about your personal exemptions to bring products into Canada.