Our Profit Sharing Program

The Canada to Arizona profit sharing program was developed to help our business partners grow their bottom line. Our goal is to push as many customers as possible to your business and at the end of the year, we will write you a check! That’s right, we will send you our customers and we will pay you from our profits!

Why it Started

Over 1 million Canadians visit Arizona each year spending over $2 billion dollars. But in recent years, these numbers have slowly decreased due to a slumping Canadian dollar now hovering around $.75 cents. Every time a Canadian spends a dollar in the United States, it actually costs them about $1.35 CDN! Many visitors have limited their spending when they visit Arizona by eating out at restaurants less or playing less golf. But what if we could help offset this huge currency disadvantage for Canadian visitors to keep Canadians coming to Arizona and enjoying everything Arizona has to offer. Our goal is to attract even more Canadians to Arizona, help them save some money, and deliver more Canadian customers to our trusted business partners!

What We Do

We have reinvented advertising to eliminate the risks of high advertising costs to help our business partners make more money. Our marketing platform has hundreds of thousands of visitors and followers. Traditionally we would sell advertising packages to feature your business to our visitors. You would then be on the hook for an advertising expense but no guarantee of customers walking in your door. Does this sound familiar? What if instead of you paying us advertising fees upfront with the hope of getting new clients, we promote your business for FREE to millions of Canadians across our many marketing platforms. We then drive our paying customers to your business and at the end of the year, we write you a check! Would that work for your business?

How it Works

The Canada to Arizona profit sharing plan is essentially a discount membership program for Canadians with profits going back to our business partners. As a profit sharing partner, you will offer our members a discounted rate on your products or services. In return, you will receive FREE marketing for your business across our website, social media, and email database. Plus you will earn income from our membership sales revenue! There is no cost to you to join the program, just the discount you offer our members. The profit sharing amount is determined by the level of discount offered by your business. The goal is to drive as many paying customers to your business as possible, and at the end of the year, we will pay you a percentage of all the profits!

Benefits to Your Business

Profit Sharing

You will earn a percentage of all profits earned by our membership program no matter if customers visit your business or not!

Commission Income

Sell memberships to your business visitors to keep them coming back and earn a commission plus profit sharing revenue on all sales.

FREE Advertising

As our partner, we advertise your business to thousands of visitors to our website at no cost to you, a $500/mth Value!

FREE Social Media

As our partner, we promote your business to millions across our social media platforms at no cost to you, a $500/mth Value!


Increase your Canadian customers and keep them coming back, Canadians spend over $2 billion dollars per year in Arizona!

Profit Sharing Programs

We offer 3 different profit sharing programs based on your business category. Your business will earn profit sharing income from the program you join. We limit the number of businesses in each program to ensure a healthy profit is shared by all our business partners.


Restaurant Profit Sharing Program

The restaurant program is highly competitive in Arizona and limited to only the businesses we approve for the program.


Golf Profit Sharing Program

The golf program features golf courses around Arizona offering discounted green fees and other promotions to our members.


The entertainment program features the top attractions and events from around Arizona to offer our members the best experience.

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