South Dakota for Canadians

We provide Canadians with expert advice and professional services when visiting or living in the state of South Dakota. Our team provides a one stop shop experience to help Canadians navigate the United States with in-depth knowledge and expertise regarding travel and tourism, real estate, cross border financial services, healthcare, tax planning, immigration services, and much more!

Canadians Helping Canadians in South Dakota

Canadians love to visit the state of South Dakota with over 120,000 visitors per year. We help Canadians with nearly everything whether you are looking to move permanently for employment or business, searching for employment, buying or selling real estate property, or simply visiting for a short holiday, we are here to help every Canadian in South Dakota! Choose a category below and let us know how we can help…

South Dakota Travel Deals for Canadians

If you are planning a trip to South Dakota, we can help with nearly everything. We save Canadians money on flights, hotels, rental cars, entertainment tickets, and much more!

Canadians Buying South Dakota Real Estate

Are you interested in buying a real estate property in South Dakota? Our real estate team specializes in working with Canadians exclusively offering expert cross border advice.

Canadians Moving to South Dakota

If you are moving to South Dakota, we are your one stop solution to help with everything from immigration, financial services, tax planning, real estate, healthcare, and much more!

South Dakota Jobs for Canadians

Many Canadians move to South Dakota each year for employment. Search job opportunities in South Dakota from employers who may sponsor work Visa’s for Canadian workers.

Our team is Canadian and we are here to help our fellow Canadians with expert advice and professional services in the United States.

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Our team is here to help Canadians with everything in South Dakota, send us a question below…