Taxes and Visiting the USA

The Canada/US connection is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, relationship that exists in the world today. Yes, there are many economical debates to be had in our relationship and let’s not get started on hockey, however what I am referring to is our ability to visit the US at regular intervals for extended periods of time! It seems that everyone has heard, from someone they know, different opinions on how long you can stay in the US if you happen to be a snowbird. This is not intended to be advice on immigration issues or laws, rather it is to point out that seeking proper advice can save you thousands of dollars and time. How you ask? Well the thing is there are 2 major items to consider when planning an extended visit to the US. The first is making sure you follow the immigration rules and time lines, however you must also consider the tax consequences. Yes, there are consequences from the IRS if your stay exceeds there timelines. I wish I could tell you that both the immigration and IRS timelines are the same, however that would be too easy! Unfortunately the 2 timelines differ and because of that many Canadian snowbirds end up offside with the IRS or (and this may be worse if it is a long, cold Canadian winter) is that you cut your stay short and have to deal with old man winter! The good news is there are steps that can be taken to ensure that you can make your stay as long as possible, within the US immigration laws AND remain onside with the IRS rules.

Our cross border tax accountants for Canada to Florida are well equipped to handle these questions and many more! They are Canadian Chartered Professional Accountants and US Certified Public Accountants with offices in both Canada and Florida. They deal exclusively with cross border issues such as this. Please feel free to contact our team at anytime!

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