WestJet Resumes Service to U.S. and Mexico Destinations

WestJet Adding New Flights to the US, Caribbean, & Europe

July 20, 2020

WestJet’s new schedule for August includes more than 200 daily flights to 48 destinations across Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Europe.

The new schedule features service to 39 domestic airports in Canada and further highlights the airline’s commitment to ensuring air service and regional connectivity is available to Canadians from coast-to-coast.

WestJet will also reintroduce non-stop service from Calgary to London (Gatwick) and Paris effective August 20, 2020 and will continue to serve five key transborder destinations including Atlanta, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York (LaGuardia) and Orlando. The airline will also offer service to Cancun, Mexico and will resume operations once weekly to Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Even though August will have 10% more flying than July, the month still has 75% less flying than in August of 2019.

They have also added a number of new safety protocols to combat COVID-19 on their flights. Previously passengers had a one-seat distance between them but now the airline has added blockades between seats.

The increased domestic flights and new international locations will start on Thursday, July 16, and last until Friday, September 4.

WestJet is planning on operating the following transborder and international routes from July 16 to September 4, 2020.

US Destinations
Calgary to Los Angeles – 3x weekly
Calgary to Las Vegas – 2x weekly
Calgary to Atlanta – 4x weekly
Vancouver to Los Angeles – 3x weekly
Toronto to LaGuardia – 5x weekly
Toronto to Orlando – 1x weekly

Europe Destinations
Calgary to London Gatwick – 3 weekly effective August 20
Calgary to Paris – 2x weekly effective August 20

Caribbean Destinations
Toronto to Cancun Mexico – 1x weekly
Toronto to Montego Bay Jamaica – 1x weekly

Canada to USA is currently offering travel health insurance with coverage for COVID-19 to all Canadians who are traveling outside of Canada.

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