We provide Canadians with trusted professional real estate services and expert advice in the United States. We offer full service packages for Canadians buying, selling, and renting real estate properties. Learn about all the real estate services we provide to Canadians in the United States by selecting the categories below.

US Real Estate Services for Canadians

Our real estate team has many years of experience helping Canadians buying, selling, and refinancing U.S. real estate.

Canadians Buying US Real Estate

Our team of U.S. real estate experts provide specialized cross border services for Canadians buying U.S. real estate.

Canadians Selling US Real Estate

Our U.S. real estate sales team provides expert knowledge and advice specialized for Canadians selling real estate in the U.S.

FIRPTA Real Estate Tax Planning for Canadians

Our real estate and cross border tax teams specialize in managing FIRPTA for clients who are selling U.S. real estate properties.

US Real Estate Tax Planning for Canadians

Our cross border tax team specializes in representing clients who are purchasing or selling a U.S. property.

US Home and Auto Insurance for Canadians

We partner with insurance brokers in the U.S. to help Canadians make sure their real estate property is correctly insured!

U.S. Real Estate Title Insurance and Settlement Services for Canadians

We provide Canadians with title insurance and settlement services to facilitate the transfer of title for real estate transactions in the U.S.

US Property Management for Canadians

Our property management team will take care of your rental properties or personal seasonal property in the United States.