Currency Exchange Services
for Canadians

Did you know currency brokers can save you thousands of dollars when transferring money between Canada and the USA? Whether you are purchasing a property, buying a vehicle, or processing living expenses, our team will save you money when you exchange your Canadian dollars for U.S. dollars at our exclusive preferred exchange rate.

Why Canadians Use Our Foreign Exchange Services

Looking for the best way to transfer money between Canada and the U.S.? Banks charge higher spreads and transaction fees when transferring your money from a Canadian account to a U.S. bank account. Using our currency exchange broker services will save you up to 85% by comparing live prices so you get the best transfer rate guaranteed. We offer everything from a same day spot transfers, automatic monthly transfers, all the way up to a 12 month forward contract to lock in a rate today, but transfer your funds in the future.

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Complete the form below, enter the currency and amount you need to transfer to find the best rates.

2. Transfer Funds

Compare the best exchange rates online, lock in the best deal and complete the exchange transaction.

3. Receive Funds

The funds are sent to your bank account of choice and you can track and follow your transfer online.

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