About Us

We provide our fellow Canadians with expert advice when visiting or living in the United States. With millions of Canadians visiting the US each year we saw a huge need to provide cross border advice. We partner with many experts and trusted professionals to answer all your questions. Our goal is to share our experience with other Canadians to offer trusted expert advice in the United States.

The Canadian Presence in the USA

Canadians in the USA

Learn about the Canadian connection to the United States including visitor traffic and financial spending statistics.

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Canada to USA Locations


Canada to USA provides professional services and expert advice all across the USA. Select a state to receive local expert services.

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Latest News

Canada to USA News

Read the latest news articles to stay up-to-date on the Canadian connection and everything happening in the USA.

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Top 10 Visited US States by Canadians

Top 10 Visited States

Check out the top 10 most visited US states by Canadians in 2017 and where they spend the most time and money.

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Canada to USA Advertising


We provide advertising opportunities to trusted businesses in Canada and USA to offer Canadians the best services possible.

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