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We provide Canadians with the best agents in every market across the US. Our agents are top performers in every market with many years experience working with Canadian buyers and sellers. Our team helps Canadians with all their cross border needs beyond real estate services including tax and legal planning, currency exchange, mortgages, title services, property management, and much more.

Top Performers

Our agents are all in the top 5% of top performers.

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Our agents all have many years of real estate experience.

Canadian Focus

Our agents work with Canadian clients almost exclusively.

Foreign Specialists

Our agents specialize in working with foreign buyers and sellers.

FIRPTA Experts

Our agents are experts in FIRPTA withholdings and US taxes.

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We Help Canadians Buy and Sell Real Estate in All 50 U.S. States!

Here are the top 5 states where we help Canadians buy and sell the most U.S. real estate properties.

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Our team is Canadian so we understand what Canadians need when buying or selling property in the United States. We specialize in helping Canadians navigate every step of the home buying or selling process including expert advice, professional services, and exclusive discounted services. Contact our team below or schedule a free consultation to get started…

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