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Exclusively for Canadians Buying and Selling Arizona Real Estate

Arizona Real Estate Services for Canadians

We provide Canadians with expert advice and professional services when buying or selling real estate in Arizona. Our team of cross border experts includes realtors, U.S. mortgage banks and brokers, cross border tax advisors, currency brokers, and much more. Owning foreign real estate can be intimidating, but we ensure Canadians navigate all the cross border hurdles correctly when buying or selling real estate in Arizona.

We are the #1 resource Canadians rely on for all their Arizona real estate needs!

Why Work With Us?

We specialize and work with Canadians exclusively. We provide much more than real estate services with our all-inclusive approach. Our team is all Canadian and we have years of experience helping our fellow Canadians. Here are the services we offer our clients…

When you hire us, you receive the following…

  • Experienced Agents Who Specialize in Working With Canadians

  • Access to Our Professional Partner Network

  • Save Up to 90% Off Your Currency Exchange

  • Save 50% Off Your Escrow Fee’s

  • Full Service Concierge from Start to Finish

Buying a Property in Arizona

Find a US Real Estate Agent for Canadians

We help Canadians buy real estate in Arizona while offering an all-inclusive experience with expert advice, professional services, and access to exclusive offers.

Selling Your Arizona Property

Canadians Selling US Real Estate

We help Canadians sell real estate in Arizona while navigating all the cross border hurdles starting with listing your property, FIRPTA processing, and currency exchange.

Our All-Inclusive Arizona Real Estate Services

When you hire the Canada to USA real estate team to help you purchase or sell a property in Arizona, you will receive exclusive access to all our services and special discounts for Canadians. This includes Real Estate Agents, U.S. Mortgages, Discount Currency Rates, Cross Border Accountants, Discounted Title Services, Insurance Agents, Property Managers, and much more. Our team is here to help you at every step of the home buying or selling process.

Find a US Real Estate Agent for Canadians

Find an Arizona Real Estate Agent

Canada to USA has a network of real estate agents across Arizona who are top performers that consistently rank in the top tier of experience and sales performance, and they have in-depth cross border knowledge and experience working with Canadians. We will connect you with only the top agents who truly understand Canadians and your cross border needs.

US Mortgages for Canadians

U.S. Mortgages for Canadians

We provide Canadians with direct access to the best U.S. mortgage financing options in Arizona. We partner with over 20 U.S. banks and lenders who provide specialized mortgage products established specifically for Canadians using your Canadian income and credit to qualify at best rates in the United States.

Preferred Rate Currency Exchange for Canadians

Preferred Rate Currency Exchange

We have negotiated exclusive discounted currency exchange rates up to 90% off bank rates for our Canadian clients through our partners at one of the world’s leading foreign exchange companies. If you are buying or selling a U.S. property and need to convert a large lump sum to U.S. dollars, our exclusive rates could save you thousands of dollars!

Cross Border Tax and Legal Planning

Cross Border Taxes & FIRPTA

Our cross border team of tax experts will assist you in implementing and developing an efficient cross border tax strategy including managing FIRPTA withholdings and acquiring an ITIN. They will work with you to reduce your tax liability in both the U.S. and Canada.

US Home Insurance for Canadians

U.S. Home & Liability Insurance

Canadian’s who own real estate in Arizona must carry the proper liability, flood, and insurance coverage to ensure you are not at risk. We provide Canadians with the best rates and products from all the top U.S. carriers to ensure you have the proper coverage and liability protection as a non-resident property owner in the United States.

US Title and Escrow Services for Canadians

Title & Escrow Services

We partner with the most experienced title insurance companies in Arizona who truly understand the intricacies of handling transactions for foreign buyers and sellers from Canada. Our clients receive an exclusive 50% OFF their escrow fees to reduce your closing costs. In Arizona, title companies facilitate real estate transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying and selling real estate in a foreign country can be a complicated process and raises many questions. Here are a few of the most frequent questions Canadians ask us when they reach out to us for help.

Yes. There are no restrictions on foreign property buyers in the United States. You do not require any immigration status. Foreign buyers can purchase solely for investment purposes or for personal use. As a Canadian citizen with no U.S. status, you can use your property personally up to 6 months each year following the visitor Visa maximum requirements.

No. There is no foreign tax for Canadians buying U.S. real estate. You will only be subject to property taxes, income taxes if you rent the property, and potentially capital gains taxes when you sell the property.

The Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act or FIRPTA, applies to the disposition of U.S. real property by foreign owners. Canadians who sell a U.S. property may be subject to a 10-15% withholding of the sales price by the IRS. FIRPTA’S objective is to ensure non-resident aliens file U.S. income tax returns and pay taxes on profits generated in the U.S. FIRPTA was instituted to prevent foreign investors from selling U.S. real estate and neglecting to pay any outstanding U.S. tax obligations. FIRPTA prevents this by requiring Federal withholding of 10-15% of the full sale price, regardless of the seller’s profit from the transaction. The deposit is held by the IRS until the seller files income tax returns at the end of the year, at which time any taxes owed are deducted and the balance is refunded to the seller. If no tax is due, the entire amount held is refunded. The seller may also obtain an exemption certificate or waiver from the IRS, in which case the funds can be immediately released.

Yes. US mortgages are available to Canadian citizens who are not residents of the United States. You are required to have a minimum 20% down payment and you can use your Canadian income and credit rating to qualify. Not all banks will lend to foreign buyers but we do work closely with many who do offer great products and rates to Canadians.
No. This is a major misconception. Foreign property owners pay the same property tax as a U.S. resident.

The Canada to USA Real Estate Team

Our team is Canadian so we understand what Canadians need when buying or selling property in Arizona. We specialize in helping Canadians navigate every step of the home buying or selling process including expert advice, professional services, and exclusive discounted services. Contact our team below or schedule a free consultation to get started…

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