Arizona Relocation Package

Exclusively for Canadians

We provide cross border relocation services to help Canadians moving from Canada to Arizona. Our all-inclusive relocation packages provide professional services from experts across the United States and Canada who take care of every detail including immigration, real estate, mortgages, banking, currency transfers, tax planning, healthcare, moving services, vehicle importing, insurance, and much more!

Moving From Canada to the United States

Moving within Canada can be a complicated task, but moving to another country creates a whole new list of issues that can be overwhelming. As a Canadian citizen, there are many new things to learn including completely different banking and healthcare systems. Our team will help reduce your stress by aligning you with our trusted partners and cross border experts. We will help you upfront by securing the proper immigration paperwork, help you move your personal items, and help you get settled into a new home by finding the perfect community for you and your family. We even offer special rates and discounts exclusively for our Canadian clients to help reduce the expensive costs of moving.

Exclusive Offers and Expert Services for Our Canadian Clients
We Save Our Clients Thousands of Dollars!

U.S. Immigration Services for Canadians


Our immigration team will handle all your paperwork and process your application to take the worry out of moving to the United States.

  • Get Started: We provide a free consultation to help choose the best immigration path through employment, family, or business.
  • Application: Our team will complete and file all your paperwork and walk you through the entire immigration process.
Arizona Real Estate Services for Canadians


Our real estate experts provide specialized services for Canadians moving to the U.S. with preferred rates available to only our clients!

  • Real Estate Services: Our highly experienced expert team has local market knowledge to help you find the perfect new home.
  • Title Services: Our clients receive special discounted rates up to 30% off title and escrow to reduce your closing costs.
US Banking and Mortgages for Canadians


We help secure your financial needs including currency transfers, setting up U.S. banking, and acquiring a U.S. mortgage.

  • U.S. Mortgages: We secure best rate U.S. Mortgages for Canadians using your Canadian credit and income to qualify.
  • Banking & Currency: We help transfer your Canadian funds to U.S. dollars at the best rates and setup your U.S. banking.
U.S. Healthcare for Canadians


We will help you secure the best U.S. healthcare insurance plan to ensure you and your family are protected.

  • Travel Insurance: We will help you setup travel insurance to protect you in the short term before acquiring U.S. insurance.
  • U.S. Health Insurance: We will help you find the best U.S. healthcare plans with the most affordable rates for your family.
Vehicle Relocation Services


We will help you import, license, insure, and transport any vehicles you plan to take with you to your new home.

  • Vehicle Importing: Our cross border team will help you import your vehicle into the United States including shipping.
  • Licensing & Insurance: After importing, we help you setup the proper licensing and insurance for your vehicle in the U.S.
Cross Border Tax and Legal Advice for Canadians


Our cross border experts will help you transition to the United States while managing all your tax and legal needs.

  • Tax Planning: Moving to the U.S. from a tax perspective can be complicated but our team will manage your transition.
  • Legal Planning: We also help with any legal needs to help with cross border estate planning and any other concerns.

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Miles Zimbaluk

Miles Zimbaluk

Licensed Arizona REALTOR®
Canadian Mortgage Broker

Lisa Hordichuk Arizona Real Estate Agent

Lisa Hordichuk

Arizona Real Estate Agent
Canadian Client Specialist

Troy Hildenbrand

B.Mgt., CA, CPA (AZ, USA), CVA
Cross Border Tax Specialist

Darcy Hordichuk

Darcy Hordichuk

Arizona Real Estate Concierge
Director of Business Networking