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We provide Canadian investors with professional services and expert advice while finding real estate investment opportunities in Arizona. We help Canadians invest in short-term rentals, long-term rentals, and multi-family properties. We offer a full service all-inclusive experience to help Canadians navigate all the cross border hurdles of investing and owning real estate investment properties in Arizona.

We are the #1 resource Canadians rely on for all their Arizona real estate investment needs!

Why Canadians Find Arizona Attractive for Real Estate Investing

  • Low Cost of Ownership and Maintenance
  • Economic Growth Forecasts
  • Low Income & Property Taxes
  • Record Population Growth
  • Favorable Commercial Loan Programs
  • Low Construction Costs
  • Currency Diversification
  • Low Barrier to Entry
  • Favorable Government Regulation

Types of Real Estate Investment Opportunities

We help Canadian investors purchase different types of properties with different investment strategies including long-term rentals of single family homes, condos, multi family properties, and also short-term vacation and corporate rental residential properties.

Arizona Short-term Vacation Rental Investments for Canadians

Short-Term Rental Properties

We help Canadian investors purchase residential real estate properties targeting guest stays of 30 days or less to maximize cash flow and profits. Our team specializes in short-term rentals and we will help you identify and secure the best income producing properties with the best returns.


No Rental



Arizona Long-term Rental Investments for Canadians

Long-Term Rental Properties

We help Canadian investors secure long-term real estate investments including single family homes and condo properties targeting leases of 1 year or longer to create secure income. Our team will help you identify only the best properties with the highest potential return on your investment.

Long-Term Tenants


Consistent Cash Flow

Lower Expenses

Arizona Multi-Family Real Estate Investments for Canadians

Multi-Family Properties

We help Canadian investors secure long-term multi-family real estate investments in Arizona including duplexes, tri-plexes, four plexes, and apartment buildings. Our team will help you identify only the best income producing properties with the highest potential investment return.

Duplex Tri-Plex
Four Plex


Long-Term Tenants


Our All-Inclusive U.S. Real Estate Services

We provide Canadians with an all-inclusive real estate experience offering expert advice and professional services through a network of cross border experts including real estate agents, accountants, lawyers, mortgage lenders, insurance agents, currency brokers, and much more. Our team is here to help you at every step of the home buying or selling process, we even have a dedicated concierge to act as your liaison throughout the entire process.

US Real Estate Concierge for Canadians

Get Started – FREE Consultation

Canada to USA offers this complimentary consultation to all Canadians buying or selling U.S. real estate. Our team acts as your liaison throughout the entire sales process. We provide expert advice and professional services including connecting you with our network of trusted cross border experts. We are here to help you at every step!

Find a US Real Estate Agent for Canadians

Find an Arizona Real Estate Agent

Canada to USA has a network of real estate agents across the United States in all 50 states who are top performers that consistently rank in the top tier of experience and sales performance, and they have in-depth cross border knowledge and experience working with Canadians. We will connect you with only the top agents who truly understand Canadians.

US Mortgages for Canadians

U.S. Mortgages for Canadians

We provide Canadians with direct access to the best U.S. mortgage financing options in the United States. We partner with over 20 U.S. banks and lenders who provide specialized mortgage products established specifically for Canadians purchasing residential properties, investment properties, or large scale commercial properties in the United States.

Preferred Rate Currency Exchange for Canadians

Preferred Rate Currency Exchange

We have negotiated exclusive discounted currency exchange rates for our Canadian clients through our partners at OFX, one of the world’s leading foreign exchange companies. If you are buying or selling a U.S. property and and need to process a large currency exchange transaction, our exclusive rates could save you thousands of dollars!

Cross Border Tax and Legal Planning

Cross Border Tax & Legal Planning

Our cross border team of tax and legal professionals will assist you in implementing and developing an efficient cross border tax strategy including determining the most efficient structure to hold your foreign property from foreign entities to trusts. They will work with you to reduce your tax and legal liability in both the U.S. and Canada.

US Home Insurance for Canadians

U.S. Home & Liability Insurance

Canadian’s who own U.S. real estate property must carry the proper liability, flood, and insurance coverage to ensure you are not at risk. We provide Canadians with the best rates and products from all the top U.S. carriers to ensure you have the proper coverage and liability protection as a non-resident property owner in the United States.

US Title and Escrow Services for Canadians

Title & Escrow Services

In many states, title insurance companies are used to facilitate the transfer of ownership for real estate transactions rather than using a lawyer. We partner with only the most experienced title insurance companies and agents who truly understand the intricacies of handling transactions for non-resident Canadian foreign buyers and sellers.

US Property Management Services for Canadians

Property Management

We work closely with property management companies who can manage your long term or short term rental properties. Their role is to manage the day-to-day supervision of your property, handling everything from repairs and upkeep to tenant communication and rent collection. Our team will take care of everything even if you are in Canada.

Our Step-by-Step Process

for Canadian Investors

We help Canadian investors every step of the way including helping you setup the proper ownership structure for cross border tax and legal protection, getting you pre-approved for the best US mortgage financing, selecting the best income producing properties based on our revenue analysis, discounted escrow and currency exchange services, and managing the property to maximize cash flow.

Our tax and legal teams will help you establish the proper ownership structure for your US real estate holdings. This can include setting up US Limited Liability Companies and Limited Partnerships to ensure you have liability protection and the most efficient tax strategy.

We work closely with numerous banks and brokers in Arizona who have specific US mortgage products for Canadians. We help you get pre-approved for US mortgage financing using your Canadian income and credit to qualify. There are also foreign investor mortgage programs available with proof of strong assets and no income qualifications.

You will need to establish a US bank account to manage your investment income. We will also help you open an exclusive currency trading account with our private preferred rates. You will receive our exclusive rates anytime you need to transfer money between Canadian and US currencies.

The Canada to Arizona real estate team specializes in working with Canadian investors. We help you select the best income producing properties while offering in-depth revenue forecasting reports before you even make an offer. We act as your expert cross border liaison helping you with everything throughout the purchasing process.
In Arizona, title companies facilitate the closing of real estate transactions. We work closely with only a few select title companies who are proficient in handling cross border transactions. Our partners also offer our Canadian clients special discounted rates to reduce your closing costs.
We help Canadians secure U.S. property insurance to ensure you have the proper coverage and liability protection as a foreign property owner. We also offer renters insurance to help your tenants secure the best policies to protect your property. Canada to USA owns Cross Border Insurance, a U.S. insurance agency focused on serving Canadians.
We partner with only the best property management companies in Arizona who have a trusted reputation offering long-term and short-term management services. There are different levels of service that range in pricing from 10% with long-term management, 15% for corporate rentals, and up to 20%-25% for all-inclusive short-term property management services depending on the level of service and experience you want to provide tenants and guests.

The Canada to USA Real Estate Team

Our team is Canadian so we understand what Canadians need when buying or selling property in the United States. We specialize in helping Canadians navigate every step of the home buying or selling process including expert advice, professional services, and exclusive discounted services. Contact our team below or schedule a free consultation to get started…

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