We provide Canadians with many cross border and U.S. services including importing and exporting vehicles, professional moving services, cross border shipping, vehicle licensing and insurance, and much more. We truly are a one stop shop for Canadians to find everything they need in the USA!

Canadians Moving to the United States

We provide an all-in-one solution to help Canadians move to the United States with expert advice and professional services.

Shipping Services from the USA to Canada

We offer cross border shipping services to help Canadians buy from every US store and ship to their Canadian address.

Cross Border Vehicle Shipping Services for Canadians

If you don’t want to make the long drive to or from Canada to the United States, we will take care of shipping your vehicle for you.

Importing a Canadian Vehicle to the USA

Our team will help you import your Canadian vehicle to the United States and secure the proper licensing and registration.

Importing a US Vehicle to Canada

If you purchased a vehicle in the United States, our team will help you properly import your U.S. vehicle back to Canada.

US Home and Auto Insurance for Canadians

Our U.S. insurance brokers help Canadians exclusively to secure the best home and auto insurance to protect their U.S. assets.

Canadian Food and Beverages

Get all your favorite Canadian foods shipped right to your door in the U.S. including candy bars, potato chips, Tim Horton’s coffee, and much more

Cross Border Books for Canadians

There are many books on the market written about cross border tax planning, moving to the USA, and buying real estate in the USA.