The Arizona Office of Tourism has teamed up with a national marketing company to create a digital campaign that will attract more international travelers from Canada.

In 2017, over 1 million Canadians visited Arizona spending over 1 billion dollars in the Arizona economy. The Arizona office of tourism wants more!

Filmmakers from Brand USA will travel to attractions in Ajo, Flagstaff, Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe and Tucson this week. The company will showcase fun activities and interests to international travelers that are likely to visit Arizona. The videos, which will be the basis for a digital marketing campaign, will be available on Brand USA’s social platforms, such as Instagram and YouTube.

Rising interest in Arizona from international travelers has contributed to two European airlines, British Airways and Condor, adding new seasonal service to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Air Canada is also expanding the number of flights between Phoenix and two hub cities, Vancouver and Calgary. Canada now has over 200 weekly direct flights to Arizona!

International visitors, on average, stay longer and spend more money in Arizona than their domestic counterparts. Canadians spend on average, 17 nights in Arizona. It is also estimated that Canadian snowbirds own or rent over 100,000 properties in Arizona and spend an additional $1.4 Billion a year in Arizona.

According to data from Tourism Economics and the Arizona Office of Tourism, more than 5.5 million international visitors travel to Arizona each year, generating $2.9 billion in direct spending and supporting more than 25,000 jobs.