Importing a U.S. Vehicle to Canada

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We are your one-stop solution to importing and shipping vehicles from the United States to Canada. Our trusted partners have decade’s of experience importing vehicles to Canada. We take the stress and worry out of importing your vehicle by walking you through the entire process step by step.

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Importing a U.S. registered vehicle to Canada is a complex process with a lot of moving parts. Canada to USA has partnered with Canadian Car Shipping to help provide our customers with a streamlined experience transporting your vehicle across the border. We reviewed dozens of U.S. to Canada car shippers and Canadian Car Shipping comes out on top across the board. Their experienced agents provide customers with top-notch customer service for reasonable prices with no hidden fees. Canadian Car Shipping has decades of experience and an extensive network of drivers, so you can rest easy knowing your car is in good hands!

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Since transporting a car across the Canadian Border requires specific paperwork and steps that must be followed, we’ve partnered with the industry’s experts to provide you with a seamless experience from start to finish. Canadian Car Shipping will collect all of your information and assess your needs. Their team will make sure that everything is in order and fully compliant with all border crossing and importing requirements.

To get started, fill out our Quote Request form with as much information as you have. The more we know about your situation, the better we can determine your needs and get you an accurate price. Once you’ve requested a quote, one of our experienced agents will begin reviewing your request. They will then reach out to you to go over pricing and to answer any questions you may have.

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Why Ship Your Car To Canada?

It’s a common misconception that shipping your car is a luxury service and that it’s much cheaper to just do everything yourself. When you factor in the cost of fuel, wear and tear on your car, the time put into researching, the long wait at the border, and the potential fees if the proper forms aren’t signed or if they’re filled out incorrectly, the choice is clear. When you ship your car, you can skip the line and fly across the border and your car will meet you there.

Reasons for Transport

Any time you’re transporting a vehicle from the US to Canada, you must follow specific procedures. These are based on the reason for your import and are a major part of the pricing and timing involved in shipping your vehicle. Most of the forms that must be filed will be situation-specific, and their team is here to make sure you get the proper forms filed and everything is ready to go. No matter what your individual reason for shipping is, it will fall under one of these four reasons.

Returning to Canada

● Canadian Registered Vehicle
● Has been in US for 1 year or less
● Common case for Snowbirds, extended-stay visiting, or specialty repairs

Temporary Import

● US registered vehicle
● Will be in Canada for 1 year or less
● Common case for Snowbirds, extended-stay visiting, or specialty repairs

Work Visa

● US Registered Vehicle
● Temporarily going to Canada for work
● Common case for temporary work visas or work relocations, often a corporate vehicle

Purchasing From the U.S.

● US Registered Vehicle
● Permanently importing from the US
● Will need to be registered in Canada

Permanent Residency

● US Registered vehicle
● Moving to Canada under a Permanent Residency Visa
● U.S. citizens or foreign nationals who have obtained Permanent Residency in Canada

Importing Requirements

All countries have their own requirements for importing vehicles. Some vehicles that have been in accidents or otherwise severely damaged may not be licensable in Canada, and some vehicles may require modification prior to importing. Canadian Car Shipping has decades of expertise in importing compliance, and your dedicated agent will go over all of the aspects of vehicle admissibility with you.