Travel Insurance for Canadians with COVID-19 Coverage

Travel Insurance for Canadians with COVID-19 Coverage

July 8, 2020

Coronavirus has infected millions of people worldwide and hundreds of thousands of people have died. With international travel almost non-existent, it seems like the world has come to a halt. Canadians are very concerned about their options to travel not only today but in the fall when millions typically head south for the winter. Canada to USA has formed partnerships with many insurance companies to help serve Canadians needs and remove the risk of traveling abroad.

The Canadian insurance industry response

When the pandemic outbreak spread across Canada and the United States in March, many insurance companies even cancelled policies immediately or issued a 10 day notice that their insurance would be ending. This unprecedented action left many Canadians stranded out of Canada with few options. Hundreds of thousands of Canadians were spending their winter in the southern US in states like Florida and Arizona. They were forced to risk themselves traveling amongst the masses or stay put and go without medical coverage. A position millions of Canadians were forced into and will not forget when they purchase insurance in the future.

What do insurance policies cover today?

Canadian insurance companies have said they will not provide insurance coverage for COVID-19 or related illnesses while the travel advisory is in effect. Insurance companies are still re-evaluating their travel insurance products for the future. Many have stated that they will not provide coverage until the travel advisory is lifted, others will cover all illnesses not related to COVID-19. With thousands of Canadians still traveling out of country for essential needs, business, or visiting family, it has left few options for them to travel without risk. Most insurance policies have clauses that eliminate coverage by stating the following:

“Travel in a country or specific area for which prior to your effective date of your insurance or your trip start date, foreign affairs, trade and development Canada, has issued a travel warning advising Canadian residents not to travel to that country or specific region.”

Policies that have fine print such as this will not protect travelers from any illnesses. Healthcare expenses are among the highest in the U.S. and Coronavirus treatment can cost a lot. If someone were to get sick with it and need to be hospitalized they could end up spending weeks, or even a couple of months in a hospital before recovering or dying, the healthcare bills for such patients would be thousands of dollars. Healthcare is not free in the U.S. and neither is COVID-19 treatment.

Travel Insurance with COVID-19 Coverage

The Canadian insurance industry is uncertain of their path forward but the good news is, we have many options for Canadians who need to travel today! Canada to USA has partnered with multiple US insurance companies that provide insurance coverage to Canadians with coverage for COVID-19. These polices are available today and our clients have been taking advantage of this service.

The risk of traveling to the US or any other foreign country without COVID-19 coverage is far too great. There are thousands of Canadians who need to travel today while the travel advisory is still in effect. Our policies will protect Canadians by covering any medical expenses related to COVID-19 treatment or testing in most counties around the world including the United States, Mexico, and Europe.