Who do Canadians Prefer as the Next U.S. President?

During the last month, we asked Canadians who they would prefer as the US president for the next 4 years if they could cast their vote. We want to thank the thousands of Canadians who participated in our poll. We received a huge response with nearly 150,000 votes with 29% coming from Alberta, 22% from Ontario, 21% from BC, 12% from Saskatchewan, 9% from Manitoba, 4% from Quebec, and all other provinces making up the remaining 3%.

Here are the results to the questions we asked…

Who do Canadians Prefer as the Next U.S. President

Who would you choose as the next U.S. President?

Joe Biden
95,846 Votes = 64.49%

Donald Trump
52,776 Votes = 35.51%

Canadians overwhelmingly preferred Joe Biden as the next US president. Residents of every province were in favor of Joe Biden by the following margins – Alberta = 52%, BC = 71%, Saskatchewan = 67%, Manitoba = 68%, Ontario = 76%.

We also asked Canadians when they would return to the United States again and if they wanted the land borders to reopen as this has been a hot topic since the pandemic began in March. There are no restrictions on air travel between Canada and the US but the land border has been closed since March. Canadians are very split on this topic, here are the results…

Do you want the Canada/U.S. land border to re-open?



Many Canadians who will not visit the US and are not affected by the closure would prefer to keep the border closed. But Canadians who own property in the US and spend their winters in the southern US prefer the border to open to allow them to drive safely into the US and avoid busy airports. This is a perfect example of how divided we all are on topics surrounding the pandemic.

When do you plan to visit the United States again?

Within 30 Days – 18.9%
30-60 Days – 14.8%
60-90 Days – 8.7%
3-6 Months – 12.8%
6-12 Months – 9.8%
Over 1 Year – 5.1%
Not until the pandemic is over – 27.8%
Never again – 1.9%

Nearly 28% of Canadians in our poll said they would not return to the United States until the pandemic is over while over 42% plan to return within the next 90 days and over 65% within the next year.